A kid’s best friend

My son came  home from school today with a pet he had picked up at school. It had injured it’s leg and he is planning to nurse it back to health and let it go. Apparently the little creature had pretty much followed him around all afternoon outside during after school club.

I have a strict, no pets in the house, rule. He was very disappointed that I would not let him bring his new friend into the house. Not even for night. He was very worried that someone would take his newly acquired pet, whom he has named Fred.

Fred has been fussed over all evening. He’s been fed. He’s been watered.

Fred is a housefly. My kid has a pet housefly. That’s just weird.

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On rations

My oldest is nearly done grade 4 now. This was the year that he stopped giving me hugs every day when I dropped him off at school. This was also the year that I got put on kiss rations. I get to kiss my son once per day. He keeps track too. If I miss a day I get to kiss him twice the next day.


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We’ve got a  pack of pretty decent kids in the neighborhood that our kids hang out with. Most days, when we get the kids home from afterschool care, days with decent weather, the kids head off to play.

The other day, my husband and I were making supper, the kids were off somewhere, when all of a sudden we hear quick little footsteps come up our front steps, followed by banging on the door.

It was one of the neighbor kids…

“Your son is hurt. He fell out of a tree. It sounded bad.”

My heart nearly jumped out of my chest. My husband threw on shoes and took off running. We knew exactly where he was, there’s only one place with trees the kids climb where falling would be a serious concern.

I turned off the oven and the stove and hopped in the van to drive over there in case we were going to need to drive to the hospital.

Thankfully he was fine. Winded, but fine. Sore, but fine. He had been wearing his bike helmet still, so what might have been a knock to the head was a small crack in the plastic helmet cover.

I have always been nervous about the tree climbing thing, this really doesn’t help. Then again, this has also made the kids a little more cautious about their tree climbing which is a good thing.

After a few days lying around watching TV, all is normal again.

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